F: Forfeit Fortune & Fame

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Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.

Proverbs 17:1

The American Dream has grown big and cumbersome in recent decades, adversely affecting family life. This “F” principle challenges us to forfeit material wealth and self-centered popularity for a more rewarding life that values Family, Faith, and Friendship. Proverbs pits fortune and fame against family life consistently, and your family can benefit from the multi-faceted wisdom tucked away in its chapters. Making a name for oneself, the pursuit of wealth, deferring your child’s hope, working too hard, contentious and strife-filled homes, wonder-lust, pride and selfishness—all 21st Century topics are addressed in this 3,000-year-old collection. Thankfully, there is a path to joy through God’s wisdom! As you teach your children what is really important in life, invite God to fine-tune your priorities. Help your sons and daughters forfeit fortune and fame for faith, family, and friendship. Then enjoy deserved attention and reward with joyful gratitude!

For help in teaching this “F” principle to your kids, try the ideas in my book Proverbial Kids® Lesson Plans for Parents. See how one little girl and her parents discover joy through family time in Contentious Adeline and the Rooftop Escape! This “F” principle is further illustrated in my PK Draw-it-Yourself short story The Tri-County Roosters’ Most Amazing Home Run!



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