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My name is Karen Holcomb. I am a Bible study and curriculum writer with a present passion for helping parents navigate the Bible book of Proverbs to discover God’s wisdom for young families.

Americans have long been enamored with fictional superhero characters who battle to defend the earth against evil threats. From the first Superman movie in 1938 to today’s marvels and avengers, we have seen more than 80 years of ever-increasing power and intelligence played out on the big screen, all for our protection. Yet within those same decades, American family life has imploded. Home is no longer a safe base. Debt, divorce, discord, chaotic scheduling, addiction—all point to the need for protective moral and spiritual principles which carry us from childhood into adulthood, boundaries which protect our children and infuse peace into our homes. I believe the supernatural God of our nonfictional universe has some 3,000-year-old principles to combat today’s “new normal” problems!

In Old Testament Bible times, two men whose names also began with an “S” were the real thing—superheroes, given supernatural abilities by God Himself. Samson was given supernatural strength (Judges 13-16). Solomon was given supernatural wisdom (1 Kings 3). Samson’s life and influence was short-lived, but Solomon’s influence spans millennia.

The book of Proverbs is a 31-chapter collection of wise sayings, practical advice for skillful & godly living, written almost entirely by King Solomon. So broad is the scope of content in Proverbs, one would be hard-pressed to surface a basic life issue which this book does not address. No matter the topic, there is “an app for that.”


Narrowing down its vast content to those topics which seem to be most relevant for parents of young children, I have written Proverbial Kids® Lesson Plans for Parents, now available from Westbow Press. This book features 7 ABCs of Wisdom from Proverbs, recurring themes from Proverbs which address issues we face early on in parenting, and a two-page, lay-flat, multi-use lesson plan for each theme. This resource may be used in family devotions, small groups, homeschooling, and children’s church or camps. Check out these ideas for a Parenting Small-Group which features this resource.


Supporting these themes is my Proverbial Kids character book collection, story books for children and their parents to help families apply these ABC principles. These are fun little books, full of color and tell-tale body language, which address topics such as boundaries, humility, work ethic, speech, manners, and respect–all from a biblical perspective. I have published five through Westbow Press, available at karenholcombbooks.com and Amazon:

  •  Lazy Leo’s Totally Untapped Talent
  • Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana
  • Captain Curious and the Invisible Boundary Line
  • Look-at-Me Lucy and the Rearview Mirror
  • Contentious Adeline and the Rooftop Escape!


The PK “Draw-it-Yourself” Short Stories on this site teach these ABC themes as well. I think your kids will enjoy drawing these fun tales!

These “7 ABCs of Wisdom” are multi-vitamins for the soul, easy to memorize and teach, fortifying our 21st Century American families with wisdom. Here are my favorite Proverbs for each theme and a few introductory thoughts. click 

May God bless the study & application of His Word!


Karen has a Master of Arts in Communication from Southwestern Seminary (Ft. Worth), with undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Theatre. She has 20 years experience as a Bible study, curriculum, & script writer for the national WMU, Lifeway Christian Resources, and various SBC churches and state conventions. She served six years on church staff as a children’s minister. Karen and her husband Bron have two sons and live in Western North Carolina.