Proverbial Kids® Lesson Plans for Parents

“At last, a book that practically helps parents disciple their children. My friend Karen Holcomb has written a book series that will transform your family. Proverbial Kids, and the Proverbial Kids Lesson Plans, are practical, easy to use tools. If you seek to be an intentional disciple-making parent, you need this resource.”

Mark Smith, D.Min., Senior Consultant, Family Evangelism and Discipleship, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“Children are valuable to me in part because they turn into teenagers—and teenagers are the central focus of my life. But for that same reason, I highly value family discipleship for preschoolers and children. Parents who are intentional about spiritually impacting their children usually see their offspring join King Jesus in bringing His kingdom on earth for a lifetime. The Proverbial Kids series by Karen Holcomb is precisely the kind of creative curriculum parents need for family discipleship. I have found the materials biblically sound, creative, and usable by families with a broad range of ages at home. I strongly endorse the series.”

Richard Ross, Ph.D., Professor of Student Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Co-Founder of True Love Waits

“The exciting Proverbial Kids book series captures practical biblical truths to equip parents to train their children to walk in the ways of God. Gifted author and illustrator Karen Holcomb distills vitally relevant principles from the Bible in such a way that is engaging, humorous, and original! I highly recommend these children’s books with exceptional parental nuggets to benefit both kids and parents!”

Dan Page, D Min. Discipleship & Evangelism; Pastor & Father of 6

Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana

“A true winner and a ‘must read’ for parents. The value of the word ‘no’ is underrated today and this story is a great reminder to all of the power and value of this simple word.”

-Cheryl Markland, Senior Consultant for Childhood Ministries, Disciple-Making Team, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“[Karen] captures Jimmy’s childhood as he moves from one stage of development to another without correction. Each stage foreshadows the dangers of not saying ‘no’ and drawing the line in raising a child. This faith-based book is fast-paced and the illustrations are rich with details. A Must-Read.”

Kemlyn Tan Bappe, mother of 3; BA Studio Art, MDiv Theology, MA Special Education, Pheonix, AZ

“Reading Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana reminds me of the benefit of setting clear and loving boundaries early.  Karen so delightfully uses the truths in Proverbs to demonstrate the blessing of providing consistent instruction paired with discipline. The endearing illustrations are as captivating as the storyline itself.”

Lynn Bailey, M.A. Ed.,  27 Year Public Educator, NC

“I love Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana! It demonstrates the way that children can manipulate their parents until they become ‘spoiled rotten!’   Fortunately, Little Jimmy’s parents realized that he needed some tough love and were able to redeem him through consistent, loving discipline.”

-Garth Forster, Pastor, FBC Barnesville, GA

Captain Curious and the Invisible Boundary Line

“I love this book. I have not seen anything like it before. Captain Curious and the Invisible Boundary Line is a wonderful book to help children understand and respect personal boundaries.  Karen’s years of ministering with children gives her unique insight into communicating God’s word in ways children can understand.”

Cheryl Markland, Senior Consultant for Childhood Ministries, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“Author Karen Holcomb has captured the essence and wonder of childhood curiosity with her book Captain Curious and the Invisible Boundary Line from the Proverbial Kids book series. She has gleaned from Proverbs spiritually-rich training for kids by the parental setting of boundaries. Her mastery of the joys and challenges of parenting combined with her sharp wit catch the reader’s attention from the first page! Her writing is delightful and instructional at the same time. Enjoy the adventure!”

Dan Page, DMin Discipleship & Evangelism, Pastor & Father of 6

“As a homeschool mom for 6 years, I have learned of many reasons that families choose to teach their children at home, but the one reason that is consistent among every homeschool family is their desire to have a positive impact on their children’s character. Our kids get varied messages on morals and what’s acceptable behavior from the tv shows and videos they watch, to the magazines at the checkout line and even from their friends. These books have just the right amount of coaching and encouragement to help me as a parent train my children in God’s ways, while still being exciting and relevant to kids today so that they will sit and listen. As a mom, all I could hope for is that my time snuggled up with my child and a good book, to be time that reinforces the character I want to develop in my children. I also love the vocabulary, who doesn’t love to say gargantuan?!”

-Jane Cannon, Homeschool Mother of 5

“It’s just like when you and Dad tell us not to interrupt you when you are in your bedroom talking. [We] need to learn when to wait.”

Graham, 9

Look-At-Me Lucy and the Rearview Mirror

“I love the Look-at-Me Lucy book. It’s a great way to teach girls without being ‘preachy.’ Thank you, Karen, for another great book!” — Denise Glenn, founder of MotherWise and author of Wisdom for Mothers.

“Preschoolers and parents alike can relate to ‘Look at Me Lucy’ and her well-meaning mother. Curls, twirls, fans and mirrors—the artwork tells the story! Karen uses this mother-daughter lesson to encourage the biblical virtues of humility and an interest in others.”

-Jennifer Purvis, PhD Political Science, Liberty University; a.k.a. Katherine’s mom

“Look-at-Me-Lucy has never been needed more. Instagram and Facebook have bred a generation of image seekers. This book is a wonderful way for parents to teach children they are made in the image of God first and foremost and all that we are and hope to be should be based on His design for our lives. Plan to read and re-read this wonderful book to your children!”

Cheryl Markland, Senior Consultant for Childhood Ministries, Evangelism and Discipleship Team, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“Of the first books in the Proverbial Kids Series, Look-at-Me Lucy is my favorite, ashamedly, because as Karen pointed out in this book, keeping my focus on others rather than myself can be a daily struggle. This book is a gift to children and families, a gentle reminder of our selfish nature embedded with profound teaching on the blessing that comes from a humble spirit. Children of all ages will be drawn to the colorful illustrations and the relatable characters.”

Lynn Bailey, MA Ed, 27-year Public Educator. a.k.a., Emmerson’s Nana

“Loved Look at Me Lucy and the Rearview Mirror!  It’s got a great message for all of us, regardless of our age or stage in life. It echoes the words of Paul in Philippians 2:4: “Don’t look only to your own interests but also to the interests of the others.”

-Garth Forster, Pastor, FBC Barnesville, GA

Contentious Adeline and the Rooftop Escape

Creative, artistic, talented—that is how I would describe Karen Holcomb. She is an author, illustrator, and teacher extraordinaire! The book you hold in your hand, “Contentious Adeline,” affords abundant testimony to her skill. In a day when so many children (and adults) feel a sense of entitlement and appear captured by materialism, this book can help realign priorities through a story rooted in the eternal principles of Proverbs. I had the privilege to serve as pastor to Karen and her family for eleven years. During that time, we were also blessed to have her as Children’s Minister at Pole Creek Baptist Church, where she served with distinction—making a difference in young lives for the sake of Christ. She continues to do so today, and I am grateful to recommend this book to you!

-Dennis Thurman, Senior Pastor, Pole Creek Baptist Church, Candler, NC

“I read this book with my 10-year-old granddaughter. She really liked it and it was a great conversation starter for us. Thank you, Karen, for helping us talk about attitudes, values, and even how much time adults stay on their phones! Love this tool!”

-Denise Glenn, founder of Motherwise and author of Wisdom for Mothers